(206)-550-8632                                                                                Height: 5’9” Weight: 180                                                                 Vocal Range: C3 to E6


The Holiday Radio Show: 1943          Maude                    Three Cat Productions/d. Jason Smith

Hildegard                                         Ensemble                W/a Machete Prds/d. Elizabeth Swanson

Single All the Way (orig.)                   Self                         G6 Prds/d. Clara Flaherty & Amy Heller

MINT: Music Improv Night               Ensemble                MCL/d. Mallorie Marino                  

Gotcha Covered                                 Vocalist                  MCL/d. Alex Garday

Blue Nativity                                     Quartet Alto          Quest Theatre/d. Kirk Osgood

First Date                                          Woman 1              Canterbury Theatre/d. Rebecca E.G. Hayes

The Marvelous Wonderettes              Betty Jean                Canterbury Theatre/d. Ray Scott Crawford

Boeing-Boeing                         Berthe                     Canterbury Theatre/d. David Graham

Flanagan’s Wake                                Fiona (u/s, perf.)     Chicago Theater Works/d. Jack Bronis

pool (no water)                                   “B”                          Mary Wayte Pool

El Stories: Heroes                               Ensemble                 Waltzing Mechanics/d. Sara Sawicki

FML: How Carson McCullers…         Jo                            LUC/d. Sarah Gabel


Vagabond School of the Arts        On Camera 2:           Maura Kidwell, Marika Engelhardt

On Camera 1:            Michael McCracken

Directors Sessions:      Jonathan Berry, Ann Filmer, Scott Weinstein

Second City                                    IFA 1:                         Jack Bronis

Stand Up 101:           Ranjit Souri

Ongoing Coaching                           Voice:                          Carolyn Brady Riley

Acting:                        Marika Engelhardt               

Loyola University Chicago: B.A. in Theatre; Magna Cum Laude

Acting:                           Sarah Gabel, Jonathan Wilson, Ann Shanahan

Voice:                             Roz Kerins, Michael McBride

                                                     Movement:                 Matthew Hawkins                                       

Dialects:                      Nan Withers-Wilson


5th Avenue Award: Most Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Featured Ensemble Role


Juggling (Basic), Soccer, Basketball, Improvisational Harmonizing, Basic Piano, IPA proficient, Standard British and French Dialects